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Learning At F.S.L.

It is essential to provide an education that caters to the needs of the whole child. We offer different levels of curricula and a variety of teaching techniques that support each unique learning style.

Mastery-Based Learning

We believe that all students must demonstrate what they have learned before moving on. With the integration of growth mindset exercises we provide support, a curriculum, and resources for your learners' success.



Welcoming School Setting 

Our relaxed environment provides your learner with a home away from home approach. We believe that our flexible seating arrangements,  holistic aromas, and brain-boosting techniques give each learner a comfort that traditional schools may not offer.

Smaller Class Sizes

We offer a great learning environment with small class sizes, the opportunity for one-on-one instruction, and group activities in small-group settings.

Testing and Assessments

Here at our school, we understand how intense testing can be for children, which is why we make sure to spread our assessments across the academic year. Our main goal is to ensure that your child fully comprehends the material they are learning while feeling comfortable and supported in their efforts. Conducting testing in a group setting helps reduce any unnecessary pressure or stress associated with exams, as well as afford your child the chance to demonstrate the knowledge they've gained. Together, we can help each child reach their academic goals. Standardized Testing is offered to children upon parents' request.

Online Classes for All

Online Class

Your child has the awesome opportunity to connect with a few peers for 30-45 minutes each week! Depending on the Pod your family is part of, the frequency of the sessions could change. The Green Pod also offers one-on-one tutoring and Family Academic Check-Ins at an à la carte rate. Each Online Student has the option of joining us for music and gym onsite on Wednesdays. 


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. 

Pre-K - K

Our Preschool and Kindergarten are much more than just another form of childcare; it is a fundamental stepping stone toward Primary School and the final chance to grant your child access to superior early education in their first few years of life. Our daily schedule integrates crafts, developmental abilities, and centers that help students remain stimulated and excited to learn.

Grades 1-8

Freestyle Learning is the perfect atmospher to foster a secure, confident, and comfortable learning environment for your child's social and emotional growth. Our comprehensive range of classes - including Language Arts, Poetry, Writing, Reading, S.T.E.A.M., English, History, Geography, Mathematics, P.E., Art, Music, and more - provide your child with invaluable skills plus a deep understanding of their academic development. We are dedicated to creating a space where your child can learn, explore, and thrive!

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