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Kids with Backpacks

Arriving at School

Establishing a morning routine gives your child the best start to their day. Start each morning off with a healthy breakfast and an encouraging word. Please be sure your student has a water bottle, lunch, and or snack each day. 



Please sure your child arrives at school in their FreeStyle Learning attire. We choose to wear uniforms to display school spirit and unity. 

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Sick Policy and Absences

Please make our administration aware of any absences. Students are still required to complete any assignments due that day at the parents' responsibility. 

If your child displays a fever, diarrhea, upset stomach, sore throat, undiagnosed rashes, or green mucus we ask you to keep them home. They must be symptom-free or 24 hours WITHOUT medicine, before returning to school. Please continue to teach your child the importance of proper hand washing and handling germs. If your child gets sick at school, we ask that you pick them up immediately.


For a list of school closures please refer to the F.S.L. Handbook. 

Healthy Breakfast

Hot Lunch & Snacks

Children can bring a snack and lunch from home if they wish. We are a peanut-free facility, so please be sure that snacks are peanut-free. 

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